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Dec 12th 2018

by friendsblogger - March 13th, 2019.
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Cleared fir branches from plant room in visitor centre. A group went to changing block near childrens playground to remove graffitti. After using the solvent the group discovered on reading the instuctions, that a pressure washer was needed. The graffitti could not be budged by washing off the solvent. The large group of 12 volunteers were meanwhile waiting for the gardeners to arrive for a joint operation. The ranger set volunteers to clear leaves from the pathway near thew Boathouse. Despite calls to the gardeners they never turned up. After waiting for half an hour those of the graffitti group identified an area of bramble under the CCTV covering the Swiss Bridge that needed to be cleared. The volunteers worked at this for an hour and cleared the bramble and removed rotting branches so that the view from the Swiss Bridge was tidied up. At the end it was felt that positive work had been carried out.

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